Ookeenga – Developed by Cros Gamestudio and released by Spored Network

Ookeenga nft game developed by Cros gamestudio

DarePlay is proud to introduce Ookeenga, a popular NFT game in the ecosystem of DarePlay.

About Ookeenga

Ookeenga (OKG), the first vertical multiplayer real time strategy game, was created by CROS Gamestudio and released by SPORES Network. The game has attracted interest of a large number of gamers thanks to its stunning 3D natural imagery, an engaging plot, and an engrossing gameplay.

Ookeenga is modeled after one of the most played mobile games, Clash Royale, and combines real-time tactical gaming with possibility for financial gain. The game aspires to gradually establish a community of ardent players and investors.

Ookeenga gameplay

Ookeenga gameplay
Ookeenga gameplay

Ookeenga’s gameplay combines three genres that are popular in the gaming world: real-time strategy, collectible cards, and tower defense.

Players will be assigned to a field and given three game minutes to either demolish the opponent’s core tower or destroy as many of their opponent’s towers as possible.
When a player defeats the opponent’s main home, the game is over.

The player with the most towers at the end of the three-minute time limit will be declared the winner. The game’s score will be determined based on the percentage of the main tower’s and subtowers’ remaining health. The total HP of the towers will be computed and compared to obtain the results if the number of structures is equal. If neither team loses blood during the first three minutes, the game will end in a draw for both players.

There will be one mana bar that grows during the fight. The player deploys soldiers with that mana. Depending on the power of the item or spell, each kind will have a different mana cost.

Ookeenga Plot

since the Great Purge, 252nd Kaban.

The Amokras’ plotting and avarice have impeded the quest for Ookah, unintentionally fostering the resurgence of the Ahika.

The Ahika began adopting the Akhah’s traditions while still being conscious of the Aheka’s destruction, eventually becoming their own tribes.

Each Ahika tribe is governed by a council to prevent extinction at the hands of one person.
It consists of three queens, each of whom has a separate army. This choice gave the Ahika tribes a chance to compete fairly with the Akhah once more.

Their conflict has evolved. It is now a resource war rather than an Akhah genocide.
As the Ahika tribe’s leader, the player must guide his or her people into Khoom, vanquish the Amukras and their armies, and then annihilate the ultimate boss Amoik to liberate the Khoom energy from her control.

Ookeenga Tokenomics

Ookeenga token okg kab
Ookeenga token okg kab

In OKG, there will be two different kinds of tokens.

Limited governance supplies make up the token $OKG. To buy/sell NFTs, breed new goods, or enhance existing items, players will require $OKG. Owning $OKG also represents the player’s investment in the OKG universe.

The official governance token in Ookeenga’s economic system is $OKG. $OKG utilities include:

  • Staking: Holders may stake $OKG at an APY level dependent on the current price of $OKG and TVL (Total value lock).
  • Trading on the market: The currency $OKG is used to buy, sell, and rent NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Purchasing NFT: Through recurring sales, $OKG is utilized to purchase limited NFTs.
  • Using in Events: For competitions and special events, $OKG is utilized as payment.

Tokens earned through gaming activities with no supply cap are known as $KAB. Players can exchange $KAB for $OKG. The majority of game functionality, like breeding heroes, improving things, making equipment, etc., require $KAB.

Ookeenga game ecosystem

The balance of the in-game economy is one of the key elements for the long-term growth of games. We must lower inflation in order to bring the game’s economy into equilibrium. As a result, the player will feel treated fairly as they may spend the cash they earn from gaming activities for other purposes.

Ookeenga money flow
Ookeenga money flow

Since in-game tokens are infinite, Ookeenga game designers have set a daily token cap for each activity that a player participates in. The more in-game tokens a player must spend, the more powerful he becomes when he powers up. In order to prevent the player from feeling as though he had lost a lot of money, burn token actions will outweigh gain token ones. Players receive tangible rewards for each token-burning activity that they can clearly observe. Otherwise, in this type of game, players’ need for cash always outweighs their desire to spend it on in-game experiences, thus we must include additional gambling elements as mentioned above.

Ookeenga balancing process
Ookeenga balancing process

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