Top 7 epic Binance NFT games that you don’t want to miss

Top 7 binance nft games

Backed by one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance NFT games have garnered a lot of attention from gamers and metaverse aficionados alike. That’s what in the next article on DarePlay‘s series of top NFT games, we would like to dive in the gaming ecosystem on CZ’s blockchain.

Though Binance’s own foray into the blockchain game scene is somewhat recent, with Binance NFT enabling initial game offerings for their first game (DeRace) last October, BNB Smart Chain is able to compete with rival blockchain network, Ethereum, thanks to the low transaction fees.

As a result, compared to other blockchains on the market, Binance has 582+ Binance NFT games on the blockchain.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. Like with anything, there are some downsides to using the BNB Smart Chain. For one, the Binance ecosystem is a fork (or in simpler terms, an offshoot) of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that, while changes and innovations occur in the BNB space, the developers are all drawn from the Ethereum network; any work done will be done on Ethereum first.

Another issue is that the BNB Smart Chain is centralized. What this means is that the entire system is controlled by a single entity (or in this case, a group of 21 validators), making it more vulnerable to attacks, system failure, and other issues.

Despite these problems, many game developers have chosen the BNB Smart Chain as their primary blockchain to use.

A brief history of Binance

History of binance
History of Binance

Binance was created in 2017 by its founder and current CEO, Changpeng Zhao. He had experience of working in the financial industry as a member of a Chinese company that provided high-frequency trading systems for stockbrokers. He left and joined, a crypto wallet company, in 2013. He also worked at OKCoin, a platform for spot trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies, for a year.

Thanks to the knowledge gained from working in the financial trading business and the applications of cryptography, Changpeng Zhao was able to launch Binance in 2017 and gain a substantial advantage over its competitors. Since then, he has moved all the company’s servers to several places, from Shanghai, China, where it all began, to Japan, and Malta.

Even though the company has garnered some bad press over the years, Binance has shown no signs of halting its expansion into the infrastructure sector with the birth of Binance Chain in 2019 and especially Binance Smart Chain BSC in late 2020. The most successful network, BSC, has focused on many product sectors, including Binance NFT games, Binance NFT, Binance DeFi, etc 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the list of our seven top-picks of Binance NFT games!

List of Top 7 Binance NFT Games


Binemon Binance NFT game
Binemon NFT game on Binance

The first of many in our list of Binance NFT games, Binemon is a virtual pet idle RPG in a world populated by an assortment of non-fungible token (NFT) creatures of many different types and sizes.

Stylized in a similar art style as the Pokemon franchise, players will collect, trade, breed, and use these creatures to fight other players and their team composed of the creatures (called “Mons”) that inhabit the world.

To start, a new user will have to own several Mons, which can only be hatched from Eggs that must be brought from the marketplace. Before battle, players will field the required five Mons; they can position them however they wish or select a predetermined formation. Once either the Training (formerly known as PvE) or PvP mode is chosen, the team of Mons will fight the enemy team automatically in turns until one group of Mons is all defeated.

The training mode consists of going through multiple levels of increasingly harder enemies. This mode is primarily meant to gain EXP and level up Mons. On the other hand, PvP, as the name suggests, is where players will pit their teams against each other. In addition to gaining EXP, winning players may also get Ambrosia (AMB), the token used for various in-game features.

As previously mentioned, the main NFTs of Binemon are the Mons themselves. Other NFTs in the game include the Eggs that the Mons hatch from, as well as Skill Gems that unlock more abilities for the Mons to use.

Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto Binance NFT
Bomb Crypto Binance NFT

The second entry on our list of Binance NFT games will seem familiar to the classic game franchise, Bomberman, in many aspects. Bomb Crypto will have players strategically place bombs to collect, eliminate, and trade monsters for rewards.

Unlike Bomberman, this play-to-earn game will have players manage several different characters, known as “Bomb Heroes”, with each hero having different stats from one another. There are three ways to obtain more bomb heroes: rescuing them from a special prison block that has a rare chance to appear; receiving them from the auction; and buying them from the marketplace.

There are three modes that players can choose from:

  • Treasure Mode, where bomb heroes are sent to a mining zone to destroy blocks to get BCOIN, the in-game token.
  • Story Mode, in which players will use a bomb hero to eliminate all the monsters to complete each level.
  • Battle Mode is where players will fight against each other in PvP combat. To join, players must pay an entry fee of a certain number of tokens; the winner will receive the majority of the losers’ tokens.

The main NFT in Bomb Crypto are the previously mentioned “Bomb Heroes”. The other NFT available are the “Houses” that are used to recharge each of the heroes’ energy bars and more.


Metagods Binance NFT game
Metagods Binance NFT game

The next entry in our list of Binance NFT games is MetaGods. MetaGods is an 8-bit style action RPG where players will explore dungeons, battle monsters, and mighty deities.

Similar to popular indie hits like Binding of Issac or Hotline Miami, the game is a top-down shooter, where gamers control a demigod NFT (Achilles, Hercules, etc.) and clear each dungeon of its monsters and bosses with powerful loot such as weapons, equipment, and more.

As of writing, there are only two game modes to choose from; more game modes will be added in the future, such as a tower horde defense mode or dungeon speed runs. Casual Mode is the first game mode in which players can stake their demigod NFTs in certain dungeon missions to gain in-game tokens, $RELIC, if their characters succeed. However, Hardcore Mode is the true meat of the game. Players can choose from a selection of 36 different levels, and they’ll need to kill all the monsters and the boss of the dungeon to win.

The demigod characters that the players control are the main NFTs that they’ll interact with. Each character will be assigned a rarity at random (tier 1 to 6) and will be categorized into four different classes, like Warrior (excels at close range combat), Mage (spellcaster that specializes in area-of-attack magic), etc.

The other NFT that users may utilize will be Land NFTs. Land NFT owners will receive multiple benefits, such as earning passive rewards, constructing buildings that give certain perks, and more.


Mobox Binance metaverse game
Mobox Binance metaverse game

Our next entry in our list of Binance NFT games (while technically not a game), MOBOX, is a gaming platform to push for better player participation and enjoyment.

Taking some inspiration from other traditional game platforms like Steam, Epic Game Store, etc., MOBOX aims to be the top gaming platform in the blockchain game industry through the use of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs integrated within the platform itself.

Currently, there are several games that users can play on the main website. These games include (but are not limited to): MOMO: Token Master, a turn-based casual idle game; MOMO: Block Brawler, a more involved turn-based idle game; and ChainZ Arena, a card turn-based game.

MOMO NFTs are the backbone that supports the entire MOBOX platform. These NFTs are used for multiple use cases, like in games to act as the player’s avatar, or NFT yield mining. 


SecondLive nft game on Binance
SecondLive nft game on Binance

Our last “game” in our list of Binance NFT games is SecondLive. SecondLive is a 3D virtual space where users can participate in many experiences similar to real-life activities, like visiting exhibitions, shopping, etc.

This metaverse will not only let users participate in these activities; it will also let users create these experiences as well, with very simple-to-use development tools that even someone with no coding knowledge can use.

To start, new users will have to create a 3D avatar to use in SecondLive. Avatars can be made in a more realistic style or more of an “anime” style. Like any good character creation tool, users can pick from preset options (eye shape, body shape, etc.), but they may also be finely tuned. These avatars can be customized with various clothes and accessories, but they must be created first.

There are many activities and spaces that users can join and experience. Some of these include art galleries that will contain NFT art collections; the MVB (Most Valuable Builder) Pavilion, a space where all users can join in future elections, celebrations, and enjoy showcases of past projects; and more.

Of course, there are some games that can be played right from the get-go, like jigsaw puzzles (that can be accessed in Personal Spaces) and the Mannequin Challenge (think of the “Red Light, Green Light” game from the Netflix show, Squid Game).

Some of these spaces are NFTs that users can obtain and generate rewards from. For example, Personal Spaces are an individual’s personal habitat but can also be used to passively generate $LIVE, SecondLive’s token. Other NFTs also include clothes, accessories, and other avatar customization options.

Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy game on BInance NFT
Stella Fantasy game on BInance NFT

The next entry in the list of Binance NFT games, Stella Fantasy, is a character NFT collector and action RPG featuring unique characters and an intriguing story of love, friendship, and betrayal.

Keen-eyed gamers may see some similarities with another character collector and action RPG, Genshin Impact. Both games feature character collecting as one of their main game design pillars, and both are presented in an anime style.

This yet-to-be-released game will have a solid gameplay loop, composed of several activities that flow into each other nicely. The first part will be managing the Private Land (Town), the main hub area where players will build and maintain several structures. These structures will be necessary to craft various NFTs as well as prepare for combat in the Abyss Rift.

As briefly mentioned, the crafting mechanic is the second part of the loop. Obtaining stronger characters is one way to get through fight sequences better and faster, but to truly clear the harder content in the Abyss Rift, one needs stronger equipment to supplement the characters.

And thus leads to the final part of the loop: Abyss Rift discovery and combat. Using items crafted in the town, players can delve deeper into the Abyss Rift to obtain better loot and materials. These materials will be brought back into town to be used to upgrade buildings or craft items, and so the cycle continues again.

The characters that players will obtain and use (either from the Stella Shop, Abyss Rift rewards, or the marketplace) will be the predominant NFTs that they’ll use most for the majority of the game. Other NFTs will include equipment NFTs (armor and weapons) that can be built or traded from the marketplace, and Rune NFTs that give special buffs to enhance a character.

Space Crypto


Space Crypto BInance game
Space Crypto BInance game

The final entry on the list of Binance NFT games is Space Crypto. Taking place in outer space, players will travel the sea of stars on adventures, defeat enemy spaceships, and gain rewards.

This play-to-earn game has two modes of play: PvE and PvP. PvE is based around ship-to-ship combat, where players will send out several smaller spacecraft to eliminate the larger, more powerful enemy spaceships. By defeating each of these “boss” ships, players will earn $SPE to upgrade spaceships, buy a base NFT for the spacecraft, and more.

PvP doesn’t involve ships; instead the gameplay is similar to or with elements of the battle royale genre of games mixed in. Here, players control a SpaceMan around the map to pick up as many points as possible, all the while avoiding getting touched by another SpaceMan. Getting touched by another player will mean death! To further increase tension, the playing area will gradually get smaller, limiting the space to move around.

The main NFT of the game will be the spaceships used in the PvE sections of the game. These ships will all have different attributes that will affect the performance of the ship. These different stats and the various different visual designs that each craft will have will make each ship unique and valuable to certain team compositions. The other NFT are the aforementioned bases. These base NFTs are important since when a spaceship is out of ammo, these bases help speed up the reloading process.


Video games are arguably one of the most popular forms of digital media today. With billions of dollars of revenue being generated year over year, it’s easy to see why crypto enthusiasts would want to apply some of that blockchain technology into games as well.

While the market share and overall transactions of BNB games aren’t as popular as other blockchain networks like WAX or Hive, there is a larger variety of games found on the BNB Smart Chain. The team would like to introduce the top blockchain games based picked by us in this article and hopefully, with this list of Binance NFT games, we’ve narrowed down the selection of games to just a few for everyone to try out!

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