Top 5 AVAX crypto games that will take off in the year of 2023

Avax crypto games
Avalanche is one of the top blockchains in the cryptocurrency market, as both investors and developers are keeping an eye on it. The AVAX ecosystem has significant growth potential in the Non-fungible Token market, making it a perfect destination for many NFT gaming projects.
What are the best AVAX crypto games in the Avalanche crypto ecosystem? In this article, DarePlay will provide you with a list of 5 AVAX games that you should miss out on.

What is Avalanche?

A brief introduction of Avalanche blockchain

Avalanche is considered as one of the fastest platforms for smart contracts in the blockchain industry. Founded in 2018 by Emin Gunsera, Avalanche has been positioning itself as a blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly blockchain. The AVAX ecosystem can provide near instant transaction finality and is often managed by the proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism. In September 2020, the Avalanche mainnet first went live.
The Avalanche Network comprises three distinct blockchains that are secured by the same group of validators, which are The X-chain, The P-chain, and The C-chain. The Avalanche blockchain’s native coin, AVAX, uses smart contracts to facilitate a number of blockchain projects.

Reasons to choose Avalanche to build AVAX Crypto Games

why choosing avax to build game
Why choosing avax to build game

Smart Contract Compatibility

Avalanche is an open-source proof-of-stake blockchain with support for smart contracts that makes use of the Snow family of consensus protocols. It seeks to offer features similar to those of Ethereum technology while being quicker, less expensive, and more energy efficient.

Consensus Mechanism

The Avalanche blockchain employs a unique consensus mechanism that needs a large number of small, random subsets of network participants to confirm a transaction before it is deemed final.


Avalanche is a high performance blockchain that allows an endless amount of subnets, sub-second finality with 4500 tps per subnet. Avalanche can expand to much higher tps per subnet for Avalanche NFT projects that require higher resources, especially suitable for AVAX Gamefi.


Ava Labs, the company that developed and supported the Avalanche DeFi projects and GameFi ecosystem, has so far earned $290 million in capital spread across seven rounds. The project specifically aimed to promote the “subnet” functionality of the smart contract blockchain Avalanche such as Web 3 gaming or decentralized finance (DeFi). According to a Bloomberg report, the new round will value the New York-based company at an astonishing $5.25 billion.

Top 5 AVAX Crypto Games you should keep a close eye on

Pizza Game

Pizza game on Avalanche
Pizza game on Avalanche


Pizza Game is an on-chain AVAX NFT game inspired by Cookie Clicker. Players must buy a Pizza Chef and stake them in the Pizzeria in order to play the Pizza Game. When staked, chefs produce $PIZZA every minute as ERC721 NFTs.

The Cookie-Clicker-inspired AVAX crypto game has 3 native tokens, which are $PIZZA, $SODA and $RONI

Game mechanics

Players need at least one chef NFT to begin the Pizza game NFT AVAX. A chef can produce one $PIZZA per minute (1 PPM). There is also a 5% chance that you can also mint a Master Chef, who is more skilled and can prepare $PIZZA three times more quickly (3 PPM).
However, chefs have some level of fatigue, which leads to the fact that after three days of work, the Avalanche NFT chef usually needs to take a day off. You might also need some AVAX in your wallet for game-related fees if you want to play.

What makes the Pizza Game special?

There are two good reasons for players to engage in one of the most famous AVAX crypto games:
– Timesaving: This Avalanche P2E game allows players to make money without having to spend a lot of time on it. Because the chefs will always automatically make $PIZZA, all you need to do is spend a little time upgrading some game elements and adjusting your tactics to produce as much $PIZZA as you can.
– Low cost to play: As was already indicated, you only need to invest roughly $5 to acquire one AVAX NFT chef to take part in this intriguing Avalanche play to earn game. The chef’s price is significantly less expensive compared to other NFT from different AVAX projects and AVAX crypto games.
According to DappRadar, over the past 30 days, Pizza Game ranked #1 as the most popular AVAX crypto games on Avalanche blockchain and among the most discussed Avalanche NFT games on digital media. Players with fewer money or those who are busy but yet want to make profit should definitely try out this Pizza game NFT AVAX.


Crabada gamefi on avax
Crabada gamefi on avax


Crabada is a decentralized AVAX NFT game developed on the Avalanche platform with interesting idle features. The cross-platform Web3 idle game takes place in a universe full of fiercely combative hermit crabs (the NFTs) called Crabada, marking an outstanding impression among other AVAX crypto games on Avalanche.
Crabada has an interesting story and has the potential to be among successful AVAX crypto games. It has 3 native tokens, which are $CRA, $GUS and $TUS

Game mechanics:

To participate in a match in Crabada, you will need a squad of three NFT Crabada warriors. These crab avatar NFTs are available for purchase at Crabada Marketplace. A team of three Crabadas may cost you around $10 at the current pricing of roughly $3 per Crabada NFT.
This Avalanche NFT game will feature two key modes:
Mining: In Mining, players can send their Crabada troops into the mines in order to mine valuable resources. Players can mine by setting it up before on computer or phone and letting the crabs mine automatically.
Looting: In Looting, players can send Crabada troops into battle to steal the mines from other players.
Players can also claim Material Chest and Guardian’s Bounty, which contain in-game currencies and Crabada’s materials.

What makes Crabada special?

Crabada is obviously one of the best AVAX crypto games ever because of its engaging animations, effects, and crab designs. Since battling in Crabada requires at least a team of three crab NFTs warriors, the gameplay is generally pretty similar to that in Axie Infinity. Therefore, players who are getting used to this popular P2E game can easily catch up with strategies to play Crabada.
Players can create their ideal Crabada via the Breeding feature or buy one from the Marketplace to establish a strategy that works for their team. Since the Crabada NFT is currently reasonably priced, this might be the ideal time to test out this amazing Avalanche NFT game on the AVAX gamefi ecosystem.

Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires on Avalanche
Imperium Empires on Avalanche


Imperium Empires is an Avalanche blockchain-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game set in a space metaverse. This AVAX NFT game enables players to take advantage of the rewarding AVAX p2e features while still enjoying the game’s stunning graphics and entertaining gameplay by fusing AAA production value with significant deflationary tokenomics. 

As one of the most fascinating AVAX crypto games, Imperium Empires also has 2 native tokens, which are $IME – the governance token, and $IMC – the gaming currency

Games mechanics:

The official Imperium Empires game is anticipated to start in Q4 2022. Instead, the game’s developers debuted Apollo, a web based P2E AVAX NFT game that the creators of the game had been working on for months before it was finally released. In other words, Alpha of Imperium Empires and Apollo are two different AVAX crypto games but can be accessed via the game’s official website.

Players may begin earning in-game rewards in Apollo thanks to P2E capabilities that are available. Players can mine, lurk, refine, and trade resources within Apollo to periodically earn L-IMC tokens (Locked $IMC).

What makes Imperium Empires special?

Imperium Empires, co-led by GBV Capital and Three Arrows Capital, has also been successful in gaining the support of Avalanche, AVATAR, and Avalaunch due to its innovative plan with well-designed aesthetics, gameplay, and guild systems to create a space metaverse with blockchain technology integrations.
Additionally, creators of Imperium Empires have made efforts to address the common problems that occur in blockchain games, such as embedding a special NFT burn mechanism that allows NFTs to be damaged or destroyed in PvP areas or building a AAA-quality metaverse with experienced internal game development and game design team.

Snail Trail

Snail Trail on Avalanche
Snail Trail on Avalanche


Snail Trail is offering Avalanche the first peer-to-peer racing game with a distinct racing aesthetic and an integrated NFT AVAX ecosystem. Snails gain experience through racing, breeding, and naming activities. Players can earn new spaces for adaptation, adaptation potions, name modifications, and new graphics for snails after every five levels.
The $SLIME token, which is based on the actual activity of racing snails, is used in this AVAX crypto game.

Games mechanics:

You will have two options for participating in the snail race, both of which require that players need to have 10 snails. The first option is to compete in the Daily Missions, while the second option is to compete in the Competitive ranking system.
This NFT AVAX game features two key modes:
– Racing: Owners of snails can earn rewards by participating in competitions on the site, which are all broadcast in real time.
– Reproduction: Complete in-game reproduction technologies enable owners to create new offspring that are prepared for racing. The game’s reproduction mechanisms let players make more snails and take part in more races.

What makes Snail Trail special?

The snails are created with the following features: Family (up to 5 families), Class (up to 7 classes), Generation, and Adaptation. Players can therefore develop strategies and plans that enhance their success—and reward earnings—by acquiring more about the snail’s special genetic features and racing preferences. The track’s conditions in this AVAX crypto game have an impact on a Snail’s performance as well.
The racing AVAX NFT game also has its own soundtrack album, which can be found on several music platforms such as Spotify, Youtube Music or Apple Music.


Avaxtars gamefi on Avax
Avaxtars gamefi on Avax


Avaxtars is the first browser-based AVAX Play to Earn (P2E) idle game on the platform and is a sci-fi idle browser game built on Avalanche’s C-Chain. The name of the AVAX crypto game, Avaxtars, is made up by the primary token of the Avalanche blockchain network, AVAX, and Stars.
Three separate tokens are used in this Avalanche NFT game: $AVXT, $DGC, and $ENXT. By supplying liquidity to AVXT-AVAX pools on decentralized exchanges, $ENXT is produced, while $DGC and $AVXT are gained through in-game mechanics, PAGM, and PAGM procedures, respectively.

Games mechanics:

Like many of the AVAX crypto games, players need to have at least one NFT of Avaxtar which can be bought on the marketplace. You can send out Avaxtars on missions to complete tasks from the mission lists to receive the in-game tokens as rewards. However, some missions may require players some costs (which can be either $AVXT, $DGC, or $ENXT) with a certain amount of time to finish.
In order to increase the success rate, players of this intriguing AVAX NFT game can add items such as gloves, helmets, weapons, or effects which are also available on the marketplace.

What makes Avaxtars special?

Avaxtars is a great initiative for new users to get their foot in the door with the Metaverse, Bitcoin, and Avalanche gamefi ecosystem because of the low entry price. Gen1 and Gen2 Avaxtars are quite inexpensive, with prices ranging from $0,3 to $13.
Players don’t have to spend a lot of time playing this game; hence the gameplay is somewhat similar to the Pizza Game. Once the game has begun, the Avaxtar will carry out its tasks automatically over a period of time, and players can then claim their rewards once it is finished.


We have just listed the top 5 of AVAX crypto games with details that players should try out. With unique mechanics and the advent of subnets, the blockchain can be considered as one of the most optimal chains for Avalanche projects. As a result, the AVAX crypto games have been successful since their debut and keep starting to grow. Please look forward to more articles about the Avalanche ecosystem and crypto games from

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