Top 6 Polygon NFT games you can’t help but try them out

Top Polygon NFT games

Before learning about the advantages and disadvantages of Polygon crypto games, we can start by understanding the working mechanism of the polygon chain first to be able to supplement our knowledge as well as learn a new field, especially in Blockchain.

Let’s take a quick look at some special features of technical, polygon nft games with DarePlay!

About Polygon 

What is Polygon?

What is Polygon blockchain
What is Polygon blockchain?

Polygon is a “layer two” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain, the computing technology allowing for fast transactions and minimal costs. 

Polygon achieves its extended vision by utilizing a diverse range of technology and solutions. Polygon games is a full-fledged multi-chain solution that combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains in Polygon games ecosystems

Polygon has its own cryptocurrency, called MATIC – Financial cryptography of Polygon NFT games. The Polygon crypto is an ERC-20 token which is Applications of cryptography used to pay network fees, staking, and governance (which means that MATIC holders get to vote on changes to Polygon).

DeFi to GameFi on PolyGon

The blockchain reinforced its focus on gaming in July 2021 with the establishment of Polygon Studios, their own gaming environment. The new platform for polygon NFT games and play-to-earn games at the time was laying the groundwork for what would become a larger trend in the overall Web3 business in polygon games

Soon after, all new games developed on Polygon witnessed a rise in users – some dapps had increases of up to 1000%. According to the BGA Blockchain Game Report for July 2021, GameFi in general polygon game ecosystems was on its way to become the next great wave in the dapp market. 

And some Polygon games were highly successful in this area. Some well-known brands, such as Arc8, Aavegotchi, Sunflower Land, and Pegaxy, selected polygon NFT games to expand their gaming communities. 

Whether developing dapps on polygon games or subsequently integrating with it, like The Sandbox did, developers began to realize how much they could profit from this blockchain as well as polygon game ecosystems. The popularity of these games showed that, with the appropriate items, NFT games could become a flourishing dapp sector on Polygon.

How to find Polygon NFT Games? 

Finding the games directly from popular marketplaces is an option with Polygon, as some of the biggest marketplaces have deployed on the network. The most common place will be:

Polygon Website, Polygon Studio, Invest Polygon NFTs Games’ List, dappradar. Playtoearn, where you can find a wide variety of Polygon NFTs newest. 

If you want a marketplace that isn’t in the Polygon Website, you can also find Polygon NFTs on Dappradar – The Decentralized finance, a community-centric NFT Polygon games marketplace.

Top 6 NFTs games on PolyGon you should try

While Polygon Crypto Ecosystem has seen a surge in the number of DeFi protocols that have launched on its Ethereum scaling solution, the quantity of NFTs games on polygon exchanged on the platform has also been noteworthy, with over $69M moved on Opensea – A Digital media start during February 2022 of polygon NFT games.

With over a million users already trading on Polygon to purchase and sell NFTs polygon nft games, a few projects have emerged as apparent ecosystem favorites.

Zed Run 

Zed Run game on Polygon
Zed Run game on Polygon


Zed Run Polygon Games – the Polygon Non-fungible token Game was launched in Australia in 2018 by Chris Laurent, Rob Salha, Geoff Wellman, and Chris Ebeling. Virtually Human Studio is the parent company. 

According to the Zed Run team, the game is designed to be a skill and strategy game rather than a chance-based polygon NFT game.

The Zed Run universe immerses players in a futuristic, neon racing track, complete with a line-up of cybernetic horses as electronic music thumps in the background of polygon games

When the horses are ready to race, the game counts down from three and they are off! The race is polygon nft games over when all horses cross the finish line, and the winners are announced about polygon NFT games.

Zed Run is a blockchain-based game that utilizes games ETH as its in-game money. The horses in the game are NFTs polygon crypto games, which can be purchased and sold. Horse breeding allows players to earn even more NFTs in polygon games ecosystems

The most essential of these qualities are lineage, breed type, and genotype in polygon games. The rarer your horse is, and the less times it has been bred down, the faster it will be, and the better your chances of winning! This breed system also allows users to earn cryptocurrency without ever engaging in races, simply by breeding and selling horses.

Bezoge Earth

Bezoge Earth NFT game on Polygon
Bezoge Earth NFT game on Polygon


Bezoge Earth is a polygon NFT games massive open world sandbox style game where players can summon their own Bezoge characters from various breeds by minting in-game NFTs in polygon NFT games to create Bezoges, randomly. 

Each is unique with their own gameplay and lore, the Bezoge battles, the creation and exploration of the epic lands of the Bezoge in Polygon p2e.

Legends of Bezogia by Bezoge Earth is the most complete game world in which players can interact in various ways without actually having to own any cryptocurrency. Legends of Bezogia gives players complete control over the fate of their characters in a really fun game.

The Legend of Homelessness is filled with funny crypto memes that exist in Homelessness. Some of these memes Software include; Doge, Shib, FEG, Dogelon and others in Polygon Ecosystems.

The game world is also filled with crypto-themed polygon games environments such as Bull City, Triple Top Mountain, and Bear Market. The game will also feature crypto historical landmarks including Walon Musk, the Vitalik statue, and Pizza Day. 

Legends of Bezogia NFT games Polygon aims to be a gateway for newcomers to be able to enter the crypto space without high barriers to entry and have a great time doing so. The crypto industry is a polygon nft games with a truly challenging place to be in. 

The game will provide players with an engaging polygon games environment to learn and earn cryptocurrency in a community driven environment where players in the community can contribute to the game to make it grow into a large and active community.

The Sandbox

Sandbox free-to play game
Sandbox free-to play game

The Sandbox is the best game on the polygon network by pushing user-generated content (UGC) platforms to the next level with the availability of blockchain technology. Besides, The Sandbox is listed on eth but according to the announcement, there will be NFTs LAND available for sale on polygon in the near future.

The Sandbox is unquestionably one of today’s most established but promising metaverses. This Sandbox review will teach you all you need to know about the immersive virtual environment in polygon games.

This open metaverse polygon game is made up of 166,464 LANDS where people may build and monetise items, hold contests and events, play games, and much more.

The Sandbox, in a nutshell, is a virtual polygon games environment where users may create, control, and monetize their gaming experiences. Prior to developing blockchain games, the business was best known for its mobile games, which were released between 2011 and 2016.

In 2018, the business shifted its focus to polygon blockchain games, hoping to challenge industry veterans such as Roblox and Minecraft by providing artists with actual ownership of their works via NFTs.

Decentral Games ICE Poker

Decentral Games ICE Poker Metaverse gamefi
Decentral Games ICE Poker Metaverse gamefi

In the Decentraland Metaverse, Decentral Games is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game on polygon casinos. Ice Poker and the related ICE Poker NFT wearables are its main products.

This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about ICE poker and how to earn $ICE, bet $DG, delegate a $ICE NFT, and rent an ICE NFT to play Ice Poker. In the Decentraland metaverse, Decentral Games is a DAO-run, play-to-earn casino.

The $DG coin governs the Decentral gaming DAO. Decentral Games features 6 casino plots in the metaverse as of this writing, and players may play four games: Ice Poker, Blackjack, Roullette, and Slots.

Ice poker, together with its accompanying NFT polygon blockchain games wearables and $ICE crypto coin, is now Decentral Games’ Polygon p2e most popular service. Ice Poker is a decentralized game Polygon p2e.

The game is free to play, and you may make money by playing poker in Decentraland. Users who own or have been delegated an ICE wearable NFT Polygon p2e can participate in daily challenges for $ICE tokens of Polygon games ecosystems. On exchanges like Quickswap, ICE tokens may then be exchanged to actual monetary value in Polygon p2e.

Everyone who owns or is assigned an ICE wearable receives a daily allocation of free in-game chips. These chips are completely free and non-transferable. As a result, going out to play at the casino poses no additional danger.

The more tasks you complete and the better you do, the more $ICE you will receive in Polygon p2e. So, if you possess an ICE poker NFT game, you should utilize it or delegate it as often as feasible.


Aavegotchi gamefi on Polygon
Aavegotchi gamefi on Polygon


Aavegotchi‘s rarity is the games on polygon and it also affects its value. This also introduces the concept of “Rarity Farming” in its ecosystem. Users receive rewards for training Aavegotchis polygon game studio and trading them with other players on the same platform.

In addition, Aavegotchi’s polygon NFT games are quite interesting when you can bring NFTs to participate in minigames. There are many factors that can affect the value and performance of polygon NFT games such as:

Randomness (when lucky to summon rare NFTs), interaction (value increases as brothers actively interact with them) and consumables that equip your NFT.

Aavegotchi is one of our favorite NFTs games on polygon. While not on the Open Sea, Aavegotchi is the game polygon with an entire protocol with a decentralized marketplace, Polygon game play to earn, exchange and more.

In their play-to-earn game “The Gotchiverse ” – p2e polygon game you can have your digital pet ghost, inspired by the savings protocol Aave – where you can save at rates up to 40x higher than your bank in polygon games! 

Your pet polygon NFT games play to earn and can earn you yield through their governance token GHST, and in-game currencies which are coming soon.

Cross the Ages

Last game we want to mention to fulfill the gaming ecosystem of polygon NFT gamesCross the Ages is a polygon game with the fantasy and science fiction-themed digital card game based on the same-named free-to-read book series.

It’s based on polygon NFT games, an Ethereum sidechain scaling solution, and the cards are represented as NFT collectibles. Players will also be able to convert their digital trade cards into actual trading cards in this polygon game.

According to a Cross the Ages – play-to-earn games on polygon release, Polygon also participated in this seed round, as did Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of the upcoming Ethereum-based metaverse game of polygon games, especially The Sandbox. The funding will be used to continue development, launch the game in Polygon NFT games, and maintain present employees of Polygon NFT games.

Cross The Ages is a Metaverse Polygon NFT games where developers, digital artists and gamers can contribute to the success of the project by building new cities, creating new games, earning valuable NFTs polygon games through adventures and collecting real world card collections.

The Polygon p2e game’s innovative premise is to turn digital cards into real ones, providing a one-of-a-kind experience by fusing the digital and physical worlds. The polygon crypto game’s goal is for users to be able to handle digital things and bring them to life in a Polygon NFT games ecosystem.


The Polygon blockchain and Polygon appears to be one of the most inspirational initiatives, and we will see many fascinating applications in its ecosystem in the future. The team does not give up on its objective of making the blockchain a speedy, environmentally friendly, and widely utilized technology.

In my perspective, the benefits of Polygon NFT Games building on the Polygon ecosystem exceed the drawbacks. Polygon’s reliance on Ethereum, for example, might be taken favorably – Ethereum Polygon p2e has proved itself as a dependable system of polygon games with a significant community.

Polygon crypto games ecosystem provides a comprehensive collection of tools for developers, and even newbies who have not constructed Web 3.0 apps will be able to comprehend it in polygon games.

Finally, all you need to know about Polygon as well as Polygon NFT Games Crypto just in, more and more blogs with crucial blockchain information are waiting for you to look at.

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