A Broad View Of The GameFi Industry And New NFT Games

A broad view of the gamef industry and new nft games

There are more and more new NFT games released to the market with potent mechanisms and attractive gameplay, which drives the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at a faster pace than ever before. In today’s article, Dareplay.io would like to dive into the evolution of blockchain-based games and give a quick review on new NFT games to be released in quarter 4, 2022.

What Is An NFT Game?


Blockchain games, or Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games, as commonly defined by widespread digital media channels, are games which have integrated blockchain technology into its gameplay and game ecosystem. Besides blockchain games, and NFT games, these types of games are also known as “Play-to-Earn” games.

Noticeably, the term “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) was coined and commonly used around late 2021, with the success of the popular NFT game called Axie Infinity.

For your information, Axie Infinity, the prominent P2E game title, used to lead the pack with over 2 million active users at its peak in 2021.

What is an NFT?

Effective Features of An NFT game:

Nft new games
Nft in new games

Right of possession: In Play-to-Earn games, when players advance their skills and make progress, they can get crypto or non fungible tokens (NFTs) as rewards. In other words, NFT gamers have their own right of possession.

High Liquidity: By selling in-game digital assets on marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges, players can earn money (fiat currency) in a decentralized way.

Verifiable Rarity: The value of each in-game asset depends on its use case, and especially, its level of scarcity. Assets’ scarcity is transparently shown and stored in a common blockchain ledger which makes sure no fraudulent actions to be made by any party, assuring NFT games to be highly secured.

Diverse chains: NFT games can often be developed on different blockchains networks. For instance, Aavegotchi is a Polygon NFT game, while MOBOX is a BSC NFT game.

The First NFT Game

Cryptokitties is the first crypto games
Cryptokitties is the first crypto games

Blockchain games have been around for quite a long time, since 2017. However, until 2021, with the greatest hit of Axie Infinity, they have finally gathered the attention of video game industry and traditional gaming studios.

Several AAA studios have expressed their intent to discover and potentially enter the ground battle of NFT games.

Before moving on with the evolution of NFT games and diving in the bold moves that massively shifted the whole gaming industry, let’s spend some time and look back at the history of NFT games with the arrival of the first blockchain-based game in the market.

The first NFT game, as recorded, is CryptoKitties, an Ethereum blockchain based game, developed by the Canadian company Dapper Labs.

CryptoKitties, as a first ever, a new NFT game in the market as of its arrival, has a simple gameplay. It basically allows users to buy, acquire, breed, and trade virtual cats.

Each CryptoKitty is completely unique and is represented by a Non-Fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain.

Every single CryptoKitty has a digital genome that is kept in a smart contract. Any two CryptoKitties can be bred, and a genetic algorithm will create a baby cat with its own special qualities (or “cattributes”). The immutable genotype kept in the smart contract determines its outward appearance, or phenotype.

The initial purpose of CryptoKitties was to explore the concept of digital scarcity by utilizing smart contracts and ERC721 tokens. New NFT games coming later on have maintain and refine the basic mechanism of CryptoKitties and utilize the concept to the full.

NFTs in CryptoKitties
NFTs in CryptoKitties

The Ethereum blockchain served as the foundation for the creation of CryptoKitties. Within a week of the game’s debut, 13% of all Ethereum transactions were made using CryptoKitties. As of October 2020, the total value of CryptoKitties sales was over 61,000 ETH ($21m).

Because of the limited capacity of the Ethereum network, which could only execute a certain number of transactions at once, CryptoKitties’ popularity immediately caused issues. A backlog begins to form when a network becomes busier. Breeding CryptoKitties got so well-liked that it made it difficult for other platform users to quickly validate their transactions. Some businesses reported being cripple at times while the popular CryptoKitties are multiplying.

CryptoKitties made the announcement that it was switching to its own blockchain, Flow, in May 2020. The action was expected to make a number of new game features possible:

CryptoKitties 3D designs and animations.

Scalability, which permits many more users to use the network at once.

Due to Flow’s usage of the proof-of-stake consensus methodology, it supports free-to-play.

The capacity to integrate CryptoKitties with other Flow-based games.

CryptoKitties initially had scalability issues, but the switch to a new blockchain has aided in the growth of this brand-new sector.

Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, has big plans for the Flow blockchain platform and the game that began it all. CryptoKitties will continue to purr pleasantly in the center of it as Dapper Labs expands Flow.

Apparently, we have witnessed new nft games developed by Dapper Labs, after CryptoKitties, quickly gain traction and get caught on. CryptoKitties has certainly laid a great foundation for new NFT games coming up next.

The Mainstream NFT Gamefi Market

NFT gamefi market mainstream
NFT gamefi market mainstream

It is undeniable that NFT games are rapidly helping to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at a larger scale. And new NFT games releasing in the coming time is even accelerating the rate of adoption among gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

The blockchain gaming industry is developing at a fast pace. Clearly, GameFi is one of the hot topics in the crypto world. With the engaging gameplay and financial incentives it provides, NFT games are considered as a gateway to enter the blockchain world.

Over time, New NFT games arrive and they have significantly changed not just how players communicate with one another, but also how they may take part in forming a gaming community, and gradually constructing an extended virtual world – the metaverse.

However, the craze about gamefi projects has certainly been affected by the current downturn. It has even been said to see almost no momentum when facing the current bear market.

Negative signals on the gamefi market and notorious Play-to-Earn mechanism have received some criticism and faced sometimes backlash amongst gamer community. The downturn is like the testing time where we clearly see the instability of the Play-to-Earn gaming system, the collapse and the fall of many NFT games into the death spiral. It even rings true to the famous Play-to-Earn game titles as well.

Starting with the realization of the ponzi model existing in most P2E games, the pull-back of Axie Infinity, turning back to being a Free-to-Play game instead of P2E game, and finally the confirmation by data with less investment fund pouring into GameFi market lately, all of these are just to emphasize the jeopardy of GameFi market or blockchain-based gaming industry.

The chart of investment of new NFT games
The chart of investment of new NFT games

According to the data by Footprint Analytics (Figure 03), it is clear that GameFi investment has reached its peak ($45B) in April 2022, right before the drawdown of the market in May, and then around the time of releasing this article, the amount of money investing on GameFi has dropped down significantly by $44,85B as compared to April, 2022, to only $0,15B.

Though the current situation can somehow intimidate those who are gaming developers or retail investors at a certain level, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel.

Less money being invested in GameFi does not mean no money spent on it.

Leading investors, or so called “whales”, are just becoming more selective when picking out their portfolio GameFi project, and that’s the way we should consider the gamefi market at the moment.

The current narrative of the GameFi market is that the mainstream Play-to-Earn games lack a stable economic ecosystem, and quality; however, when AAA games enter the battlefield, these will bring GameFi to the next level of mass adoption after the downturn, helping to solve much of the current problems.

As the definition found in the gaming industry, a triple-A or an AAA game is referred to as one with the highest level of quality graphics and gameplay.

DarePlay’s research team has made a deep dive into the market and followed the whale to discover their flavor at the present time. We, then, bring on the table the list of highly potential gamfi projects or new NFT games worth waiting for.

Top 5 New NFT Games to get the spotlight in the second half of 2022.

1. Illuvium

About Illuvium

Illuvium, the metaverse game you should play
Illuvium, the metaverse game you should play

Illuvium is a (open-world), blockchain role-playing (RPG) fantasy metaverse game that has been expected to draw the attention of both traditional gamers and ardent supporters of decentralized financing (DeFi).

The RPG-theme game that Illuvium follows, is where the thrill of traditional video gaming meets the best of decentralized finance.

Illuvium is expected to be the first AAA blockchain-based game that has high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay.

Illuvium GamePlay

Illuvium gameplay
Illuvium gameplay
  • Illuvium is a decentralized NFT collection and battle game, one of new nft games built on the Ethereum network. Illuvium differentiate itself with the integration of the hyper-scalable ImmutableX layer-two solution.
  • Illuvium players can mint or exchange assets at zero gas fees and enjoy super-fast transaction processing thanks to its integration of the scaling solution from ImmutableX.
  • The Illuvium token (ILV) is maximized via decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a decentralized governance structure.
  • ILV is the primary currency used to reward players. By using ILV, players can also access the Illuvium vault.
  • Illuvials are the inhabitants in the metaverse world of Illuvium. Players can catch these creatures and restore their health. Illuvials form a crucial part of the player’s collection and can be utilized as a valuable resource to outcompete other explorers in the Illuvium game’s Auto Battler mode.
  • Customizing and gathering NFT Illuvials is the basic mechanism of the Illuvium project.
  • Illuvials can be mixed based on their power regardless of their classes and affinities.
  • All Illuvium’s in-game assets are collectible NFTs that can be stored in a blockchain wallet and tradable for profit.

How To Play Illuvium

Players enter the metaverse world of Illuvium with a mission to find Illuvials. They have to capture Illuvials to form a team and commence their adventurous journey.

When enter the world of Illuvium, players would find themselves in a shattered world with treacherous terrain locked on all sides by crystallized oceans.

Illuvium is best suit for those who are familiar with Pokemon card or deck battles, since these game have many features in common.

Illuvium is one of the most anticipated new NFT games which are soon to be released in the last quarter of 2022. Currently, Illuvium developers have released the beta version and are open for testing. Follow their channel and get in early if you would like to get your first hand experience.

2. Phantom Galaxies

About Phantom Galaxies

New nft games Phantom galaxies
Phantom galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mech combat game, which combines scientific factors and is one of new nft games suitable for futurists.

The game is currently in public Alpha release. Affirmed as one of the first blockchain-based game titles with AAA scope and quality, Phantom Galaxies is gathering the great attention of both traditional gaming enthusiasts and Web3 natives.

Phantom Galaxy is one of the most popular new NFT games expected to make a bang in the market in 2022. This game has been invested heavily by a notable investor, Animoca Brands. In fact, the game is the product in joint collaboration between Animoca Brands and Blowfish studios, an award-winning gaming Developer & Publisher of interactive entertainment based in Sydney, Australia.

Phantom Galaxies’s gameplay

  • Various planets with randomized traits in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs are made of the Phantom Galaxies.
  • Each planet in Phantom Galaxies is unique.
  • Depending on the size of each planet, a regular emission of the Phantom Galaxies governance and utility token will be generated.
  • Each Planet will generate a minimum amount of the Phantom Galaxies token by default
  • Planets also offer loads of in-game opportunities, enabling players to govern their Planets as they would like to.
  • The Phantom Galaxies players can build a range of structures including marketplaces, hangars, refineries, and more.
  • Players will be able to acquire a multiplier that greatly boosts the number of tokens created by their Planets through gameplay elements including visits to a Planet, development and construction, and completion of missions.
  • The Phantom Galaxies token will serve as the game’s primary form of currency, utility, and governance. It may be used to upgrade mechas, create planets, cast votes in guilds and organizations, and much more.

How to play Phantom Galaxies

Phantom galaxies gameplay
Phantom galaxies gameplay

Phantom Galaxies offers missions, quests, operations (daily and weekly activities), and raids as player activities.

Fight frantic fights against opposing mechs, spacecraft, and capital ships that flood the sky.
As you improve the mech class that best suits your playstyle, you’ll get additional powers, talents, weapon combinations, and more.

For each of the four mech classes, unlock unique versions and alter your loadout to dominate the fight.

Visit many stars while investigating regions populated by renegade groups, scavengers, and pirates.

The ultimate objective of these game activities is to level up your Starfighter NFT and Avatar NFT to their highest level, enabling them to receive emissions, resources, and other in-game things as random board drops and prizes.

3. Big Time

About Big Time

New nft games big time
Big Time – a new NFT game

Big Time is a free-to-play, action role-playing game that blends fast-paced fighting with intergalactic exploration.

Big Times features exciting mash-ups of different periods of time when famous characters, events, and technology collide… The game is promising to bring an unforgettable experience to its players.

Big Time was invested by prominent investors in the market. This game title is one of new NFT games which are worth waiting for in late 2022.

The Big Time Gameplay

  • The Big Time’s gameplay combines World of Warcraft’s and Diablo’s cooperative gameplay with fast-paced combat from God of War, along with several procedural loot systems.
  • “Timelines” is an important system in Big Time. Players may level up a single character in numerous class paths using the Timelines system, and they can even switch to a different class thanks to this system.
  • The game takes gamers through time and space, letting them travel in time to meet famous figures throughout history.
  • Mentioned in several electronic publishing documents released by BigTime studio, in order to win the game, gamers have to target a primary objective which is to expose a mysterious threat that dismantles time and unexpectedly collapses history.

How To Play Big Time

Each player will have their own unique Time Machine that they use to travel and be customized with a wide range of items.

Big Time gamers can decorate their space with new furniture, hang trophies celebrating their adventures through time. They can also display their unique collection of NFT artwork in their Time Machine.

Each player has access to loot. Players can acquire a variety of additional items, horses, pets, player rankings, and titles as the game continues. Regarding the game’s economy, we can locate “rare” objects outside of Big Time that can be bought, sold, or rented by other players.

4. BitCraft

New nft games BitCraft

About BitCraft

BitCraft is a massively online sandbox game where players collaborate to create a brand-new civilization in a single, editable wilderness.

BitCraft’s gameplay focuses on skilling, building, making, farming, trade, and exploration, giving players the freedom to construct imposing cities and empires or cultivate a safe village with their friends.

BitCraft is one of new NFT games that are most anticipated in the 4th quarter of 2022.

BitCraft Gameplay

  • BitCraft is a sandbox game due to its freeform character development.
  • Instead of being obliged to use a specific profession or skill set, players may advance their characters by honing any talents they want.
  • Players can participate in their civilization and help develop infrastructure, cities, and empires in addition to improving their building, farming, and other abilities.

How To Play BitCraft

When gamers enter the magical world of BitCraft, they will initially struggle to survive. Gamers team up with each other to build an entirely new civilization up, out of the wild.

The universe of BitCraft will reveal a rich and lengthy past as you build structures and discover new locations. There have been civilizations here before yours. The hidden relics, antiquities, and mystery travelers you’ll come across around the terrain all allude to a past and a power that are on the verge of extinction.

5. Legions and legends

About Legions and Legends

Legions and Legends
Legions and Legends

Azra Games is a notable gaming publisher of collectable combat role-playing games. Legions & Legends is Azra Games’ first Play & Earn game, one of new NFT games that Azra Games developed and will be released in the second half of 2022.

Mark Otero, a well-known online strategy game creator whose most recent game brought in over $1 billion in sales, is the CEO of Azra Games. The Azra Games team has collectively worked in the gaming business for more than 70 years. They are now offering Web3 users the core gaming experience that dedicated gamers want.

Legions and Legends is inspired by many popular game titles and genres such as Dungeons & Dragons lore, Warhammer 40K and collectible game genres.

Teaming up and combating are what players need to do and win over the game.

Legions and Legends GamePlay

  • Legions and Legends is a universe that mixes science fiction and medieval fantasy. This universe is called the “Corvus galaxy”.
  • Players discover the universe of Legions and Legends. While conquering the galaxy, they have unearthed a number of secrets surrounding a major conflict.
  • The characters in Azra Games’ first NFT mint, The Genesis Explorers, are newbies to the Corvus galaxy and serve as the player’s introduction to the Legions & Legends universe.
  • Exploration Missions will always be available in Legions & Legends alongside the fighting experience. These things will never be superseded by new features in any advanced version coming in the future.

How To Play Legions and Legends

As one of many new NFT games to be released, Legions and Legends is currently under development.

At the moment, they are building and growing the gamer community and drawing strategies in gamer retention.

Legions and Legends is building a staking mechanism along with their attractive RPG gameplay.

On June 30th, 2022, Legions & Legends revealed a gacha RPG that will include blockchain-related features.

Currently, we are aware of three different character categories that will appear in the game: Behemoths – slow but mighty biological and mechanical animals, Commanders, and Legionnaires.

Although we don’t know much more about the gameplay, we can anticipate something like Galaxy of Heroes – a popular free-to-play mobile role-playing game, developed by Disney Interactive Studios.


Although these aforementioned games sound interesting and promising, no single project has yet been officially launched.

But despite the current bear market, these new NFT games continue to build and retain their community of gamers, that’s the signal to show us that somehow we still see the light in the end of the tunnel. The way to turn playability into Play-to-Earn is still lurking around. GameFi is just going through its first bear market cycle. Let’s see what’s coming in the next bull cycle and what turns out better as the more concrete NFT blockchain games.

DarePlay, as a one-stop GameFi platform, will certainly evolve ourself over time and deliver the best suit of products to the market in the coming time. The DarePlay GameFi news site is dedicated to conveying the hottest and latest news on GameFi and NFTs. Follow us, and stay tuned! Get the market sense and leverage it to your advance.

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