Soccer Crypto – The NFT game you shouldn’t miss before World Cup 2022

SoccerCrypto game

World Cup 2022 is approaching and what is better than playing Soccer Crypto in the pre-World Cup vibe? Today DarePlay will bring you the review on the most expected NFT game in November this year

The scope of blockchain application has been recently expanded to a wider range of industries, especially in sports. The biggest news in the industry is that has officially become a sponsor of the World Cup. Besides, there have been a variety of prominent projects.

What is Soccer Crypto?

Soccer Crypto is a combination of passion for football and blockchain technology. We aim to create a platform not just for NFT collection but also a platform for users to equip their NFT players with uniquely designed items. Besides, we seek to provide our users with thrilling experiences of fast-paced multiplayer soccer matches!

In Soccer Crypto, players are able to play for free anytime, anywhere and earn tickets to participate in exclusive fiery matches to achieve tournaments’ grand prizes worth up to 10.000% ROI.

Players will rely on skill and luck to win against other teams. By mastering skill sets, players can collect more and more reward tokens in the game and can go to Soccer Crypto’s Marketplace to buy and sell more NFT Boxes to earn new players to increase the play experience.

Highlight Features

Soccer Crypto has some following highlights features:

  • Own and take control of NFT characters for playing to earn.
  • Design your own characters with unique accessories.
  • Challenge other players from all over the world in real time.
  • Big rewards are waiting for the Champions!

With the passion for football and blockchain technology, we have developed SoccerCrypto that simulates a football game on the Binance Smart Chain. Each match in SoccerCrypto lasts for 90 seconds, players can experience every match with different levels. As competing with stronger opponents could be a challenging task, there will be daily tasks for the players to receive gifts from SoccerCrypto.

How to play Soccer Crypto?

With a few simple steps below, you can join Soccer Crypto.

Step 1: You need to use the MetaMask wallet to log into the game. To receive an NFT Box, you can choose to either receive a Free Box by completing the given tasks or purchase directly on the Marketplace. In the purchase option, you will have to choose from 3 Boxes, in which your Players´ indicators are higher as compared to the Free Box option.

Step 2: After entering the game, you will see sections below on the screen:

  1. Competition: You can select this section to start the game and earn token rewards
  2. Inventory: where your NFTs are stored
  3. NFT Marketplace: Buy Box NFT

Step 3: Join the competition to start earning tokens. Equip your character with accessories for a higher winning rate

Step 4: You can buy and sell NFT on Marketplace

Game Assets


Soccer Crypto provides an advantage over traditional fantasy football leagues in that you are compensated in real money for your efforts because you own the cards you collect, win, and trade. In previous fantasy football games, you don’t own any players, so all you get for your time is the possibility to beat the thousands of other players who enter, but with Soccer Crypto, you get to collect cards (Players) that you are given complete ownership of for the rest of your life.

NFT Players

SoccerCrypto NFT player
SoccerCrypto NFT player

Players will be one of the keys to determining the success of the teams.

In the game, players will build their team from players opened from NFT Box or bought and sold on Marketplace. Your mission is to arrange and manage your players, as well as to allow them to engage in the appropriate matches in order to optimize their capacity to make money from the matches. Each NFT Player will have their unique set of strengths, abilities, and physical attributes. Use your managerial abilities to transform your players into tournament champions.

You may also easily transfer players to introduce outstanding players to your team or do business with the excellent players you possess.


There are four indexes for each player and piece of equipment: SHO (Shoot), SPE (Speed), POW (Power), and JMP (Jump).


When you purchase and open an NFT Box from the NFT Marketplace, you will receive a random player or piece of equipment based on the random index.

SoccerCrypto provides four fantastic equipments for Players to boost their power and raise their chances of winning: Shoes, Glasses, Hat and Gloves


Game modes

Soccer Crypto has many game modes that allow players to freely choose and earn as many tokens as possible.

Friendly matches (PvE)

In this game mode, Players will be able to play as many friendly matches as they wish. After every match, your NFT players´ health will decrease by one health unit. To avoid losing much energy, you should adjust the frequency of the games played within a day in accordance with the player´s health or recharge his health by energy drink (bought in the game). Each win is rewarded with Tokens.

In SoccerCrypto, we allow players to compete in 12 matches at the same time, increasing their capacity to earn money in the game.


In this game mode, you have the possibility to compete against 7 other crypto soccer users to win.

Each player must pay a fee in the SOT token in order to participate in the tournament, 90% of the total pool of the 8 players will be paid to the winner of the tournament.

Free to Play

Soccer Player offers a new player incentive program. After completing certain early missions, players who register into the game and connect to their Metamask wallet for the first time will be rewarded with a Free NFT Box:

  • Follow Soccer Crypto on Twitter
  • Join the Soccer Crypto Telegram group
  • Join the Soccer Crypto Discord

Players can open the Free Box and obtain NFT players to begin participating in our game modes.

Upgrade and Repair NFT Players

NFT Players can be upgraded by using $SOW. The higher a player’s rarity, the more points it has. Upgrade to increase the stats of the NFT Players, the higher the index, the higher the win rate.

There are four major slots in which to place materials. There is also a special slot for special materials. When the rarity of the material equals the rarity of the NFT Players, the success rate is 50%. When using higher rarity NFT as material, the ratio will be 100%.

Upgrade and Repair NFT
Upgrade and Repair NFT

Over many matches, equipment and NFT players are likely to be damaged and have reduced durability, affecting the outcome of the match. For the best results, players need to use $SOW on NFT players and equipment to restore durability.

Upcoming event at Soccer Crypto – Initial NFT Offering on DarePlay

One of the important event that will take place is Soccer Crypto INO on DarePlay. This is when Soccer Crypto would-be players can join and start accumulating the best players to prepare for playing the game.

The event will take place at 1PM UTC November 8th sharp and there will be 2,200 NFT Player Boxes to be sold at the price ranging from $25 to $100. The NFT Sales will be on Binace Smart Chain and anyone loves soccer and Soccer Crypto project can join.

The sale page is live and you can always do all the prep-works, give it a check out, and be gear up for the INO


The following is the development roadmap of Soccer Crypto. The team has successfully completed the important milestones of the project and is gradually approaching completion and launching Soccer Crypto to players.

SoccerCrypto Roadmap
SoccerCrypto Roadmap


SoccerCrypto development team is currently located in Singapore with more than 15 years of experience in coding & developing traditional games and 7 years of experience in blockchain industry. Our experiences in blockchain and NFT gaming ensures that SoccerCrypto is a potential product of transparency and fairness. 

Partners and Investors

Currently, Soccer Crypto has announced some outstanding partners below:

Partners and Investors


Dual token model

Dual token model will be applied in our game. Soccer Crypto has its own Tokenomics structure and uses BEP-721 NFTs for its gaming assets.

In this Dual token model, the project uses 2 main tokens: SOT token and SOW token. The role of each token will be clarified in each project.

SOT Token

SOT token is Governance token. The total supply is 1 billion. SOT Token is the game native token, enabling players to purchase in-game assets and enjoy all game features.

You need $SOT for these operations:

  • To buy items from NFT Marketplace
  • To join a tournament
  • Pay a referral bonus if the person you recommended purchases a box or purchases and sells NFT

How to get $SOT?

  • Join a tournament and get a rank
  • Invite new players into the game and get referrals
  • Staking (version 2)

SOW Token

SOW Token: Unlimited supply. SOW is used as a game incentive to motivate gamers. Users can earn SOW through P2E and daily missions. It is also used to improve the strength of NFT players and to repair equipment.

When players claim rewards from the game, that amount of $SOW will be minted, making the supply of $SOW increase. When players deposit $SOW in the game, that amount of $SOW is locked in our smart contract and will be burnt in batches to keep the price stable.

You need $SOW for these operations:

  • To boost skill upgrades
  • To recovery for injuries
  • To boost construction of facilities

How to get $SOW?

  • Join a friendly match and win the game
  • Follow Soccer Crypto social media accounts and participate events


Token allocation

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, SOT will be distributed as follows:

No Allocation % Unlock




1 Private 1% 10.000.000 TGE 10%, 3 months lock up, then linear vesting in 6 months
2 Public Sale 5% 50.000.000 TGE 25%, 3 months lock up, then linear vesting in 6 months
3 Marketing 10% 100.000.000 TGE 15%, 1 month lock up, then linear vesting in 18 months
4 Ecosystem/ Reward 30% 300.000.000 TGE 15%, then linear vesting in 18 months
5 Staking 11% 110.000.000 Locked from TGE: Add gradually into Stake reward
6 Team 16% 160.000.000 Lock up 12 months, then linear vesting in 12 months
7 Advisor 3% 30.000.000 TGE 10%, then linear vesting in 12 months
8 Liquidity 12% 120.000.000 TGE 25%, then linear vesting in 12 months
9 Reserves 12% 120.000.000 Lock up 3 months, then linear vesting in 12 months
TOTAL 100%

Token Vesting Schedule

Soccer Crypto is expected to distribute tokens as detailed in the following chart

Soccercrypto Vesting Schedule
Soccercrypto Vesting Schedule


11% of the SOT token supply (110.000.000) will be distributed via staking pools. Users can stake $SOT token with APR up to 300%.  Staking SOT tokens will reduce circulating supply and enable SOT token holders to earn annual yield while the Soccer Crypto user base is being grown. The staking will incentivize both existing and new SOT holders. The more tokens staked, the bigger the rewards.

Buyback and burn

When a chunk of cryptocurrency is burned to remove it from the blockchain, it is known as coin burning. Another popular tool for boosting token prices is a buyback, in which a corporation buys back its crypto assets, reducing its supply and increasing overall value.

Soccer Crypto will adopt buyback & burn as a deflationary mechanism to increase SOW tokens long-term value. The tokens are burnt in order to reduce the overall SOW tokens circulation, stabilize the token price and create deflation. The portion of game’s revenue used for buyback & burn are:

  1. Soccer Crypto NFT Marketplace – 100% of transaction fees go towards buyback and burn.
  2. Profit of NFT Box Sales – 20% profit of the sales proceeds will be used for our marketing campaign, and buyback and burn.
  3. Reserver Fund – 10% of Reserve Fund goes towards buyback and burn quarterly.
  4. When players use $SOW to upgrade or repair NFT Players and equipment, $SOW tokens will be burned and $SOW circulating supply will be reduced significantly. 100% of upgrade fee will be used for buyback and burn.
  5. Energy Box – 100% of energy box sales proceeds go towards buyback and burn.

Soccer Crypto will going to use the above fund to buy back $SOW tokens and then burn them monthly. We will make announcements regarding the buyback and burn program on our social media channels. The buyback and burn proceeds will be updated on a regular basis as our project progresses. This will continuously lower the supply, redistribute the value of the $SOW tokens to the remaining $SOW holders and push up $SOW price constantly.

Audit and KYC

Smart Contract audited and KYC by Security Audits #DeFi | Trust Made in Germany

Audit game
Game Audit

Conclusion: Should I invest in SOT Token Game NFT?

The Soccer Crypto development team always tries its best catching up with the current blockchain trend by developing a virtual football blockchain game on the threshold of World Cup 2022 season

Overall, the project has added a lot of applications for the token duo, as well as integrated many features that allow players to maximize your experience with football and earn money. With the above information, hopefully, you can take it as a basis to learn more about the project before making an investment decision.


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