Top Aptos NFT projects getting attention you don’t want to overlook

Top Aptos NFT projects you shouldbn't miss

If you’re looking for fresh NFT projects to invest in, Aptos is a potential choice that has lately created a lot of hype. Although this venture-capital-backed blockchain is still in the early stage, the NFT dapp & collection ecosystem on it is flourishing.

Here are some Aptos NFT projects that DarePlay suggests you should know if you want to be among the first to use Aptos.

Find out the definition of NFT.

What is Aptos?

Due to Meta’s inability to launch its blockchain-based stablecoin project Diem – an Aptos NFT projects coin, some of its personnel have left to build their own Layer 1 blockchains. Aptos Blockchains as Aptos NFT projects is the first of these to launch, and it does so with a bang of Aptos Crypto.

Aptos NFT projects is a scalable Proof-of-Stake Layer 1 blockchain that employs Move, a new smart contract programming language. Aptos Labs, a blockchain firm formed by two former Meta workers, is developing the project – Aptos Crypto as well as Aptos NFT projects.

As is customary, DarePlay are among the first to share with you the best NFT projects on Aptos Blockchains that are already working on building the community and sharing their vision with users, and here are some hand-picked Aptos NFT projects on Aptos Crypto that DarePlay collected for you to check out and not miss having in your collection.

Aptos Blockchain traits

However, the blockchain’s first true test may be coming shortly, as a flood of NFT companies ready to launch on the network. NFT trading has previously put the Ethereum and Solana networks under significant strain, so how will Aptos fare if demand for its NFTs equals the hype?

Among significant smart contract systems that run autonomous code to support decentralized apps, Ethereum’s mainnet manages roughly 30 TPS, whereas Solana handles around 3,000 TPS. 

However, testnet statistics do not often correspond to real-world conditions on the ultimate public mainnet—for example, Solana claimed hundreds of thousands of TPS on their testnet years ago. 

Mo Shaikh, co-founder of Aptos labs crypto, tweeted on Tuesday that the “current TPS is not typical of network capacity—this was the network idling ahead of projects coming up.” This figure is projected to rise as more activity occurs.” In other words, aptos labs crypto isn’t doing anything right now, but it’ll be ready for action soon.

Following substantial social media momentum, a number of more collections are planned to emerge this week and next.

Aptos Blockchain comparing to others

Aptos Ethereum BNB chain Solana Polkadot Cardano Avalanche Fantom
Average block time N/A 14s 5s 0.4s 6s 20s 2s 1.2s
Time to finality <1s 5m 75s 13s 60s 2m 3s 1s
Max TPS 160.000 45 160 65.000 1.000 50.000 4.500 4.500

A little bit of Aptos NFT Scene

The Aptos NFT scene on aptos labs crypto is already expanding. Topaz, one of the markets that is currently conducting transactions for a few collections, including CryptoPunks clone Aptos Punk, tweeted Thursday morning that it has already completed around 12,000 APT (about $87,000) worth of deals, with about 3,700 Aptos NFTs listed on its platform in aptos labs crypto.

An Aptos NFT is a blockchain token that may be used as a deed of ownership for an object. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including digital artwork, actual clothing and other goods, and much more.

Since the release of CryptoKitties in 2017, Ethereum has suffered significant scalability issues with NFTs. More recently, during the late 2021 and early 2022 Aptos NFT market bubble, in-demand mints led Ethereum gas prices (transaction fees paid to the network) to skyrocket to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars at times of Aptos NFT.

Solana, the second-largest layer-1 NFT platform, can process considerably more transactions per second than Ethereum—but it, too, has experienced NFT drop issues.

Aptos has a minor Aptos NFT scene compared to its more established competitors, but it’s only been a few days. Aptos NFT marketplaces may grow swiftly and find large demand, especially as speculative frenzy sets in. And let’s watch what DarePlay brings us which Aptos NFT projects of aptos labs crypto that we are really into recently.

Aptos NFT projects on the Aptos blockchain

Rekt Dogs

Aptos NFT – Rekt Dogs is already one of the largest communities on the aptos labs crypto network, with over 27000 followers on Twitter and close to 6000 individuals actively competing for a chance to mint the Rekt Dogs Aptos NFT projects when the aptos labs crypto network becomes online.

Aptos NFT – Rekt Dogs is a web3 brand founded in the bear market to reward and promote builders and believers who continue to develop despite adversity. The total supply specified by the team is 6666 Rekt Dogs, with the mint date tied to the debut of aptos labs crypto Mainnet, implying that the team intends to publish this collection on the same day aptos labs crypto goes online.

The Uglies

The Uglies NFT on Aptos Blockchain
The Uglies NFT on Aptos Blockchain

Aptos NFT- The Uglies is Aptos’ first Ugliest NFT, revitalized with Aptoka’s evil elements (a planet from the metaverse where Uglies dominate). The team has established a roadmap for NFT holders, which includes uglies DAO, the establishment of an official Aptoka token, researching the metaverse, and collaborating with other projects to build a larger and stronger community and become more powerful in aptos labs crypto ecosystems.

Aptos NFT – The Uglies have a growing following, with over 6000 Discord users and over 10000 Twitter followers, and the NFT art speaks for itself in aptos labs crypto.

Aptos Monkeys

Aptos Monkey NFT on Aptos Blockchain
Aptos Monkey NFT on Aptos Blockchain


Aptos NFT – A cute group of monkeys with jungle feelings that want to live on the forthcoming Aptos blockchain. This is one of the most anticipated projects, having almost 10,000 Discord members as of the time of writing in aptos blockchain

Aptos NFT – Aptos Monkeys of aptos blockchain adhere to certain morals, which include Community, which entails nurturing a caring, vibrant, and energetic community dedicated to furthering the brand and the Aptos ecosystem, and Broader Outreach, which entails creating a brand that native aptos blockchain members can use to connect and build connections for further ecosystem growth of aptos labs crypto.

Aptos Alpha Alpacas

Aptos Alph Alpacas NFT
Aptos Alph Alpacas NFT


On the aptos blockchain, a community of 3333 Alpacas – Aptos NFT is vibrating and moving. On this forthcoming platform, The Alpacas has one of the fastest growing communities, and there are three pillars that symbolize the project’s drive and objective in the space as: 

  • Aptos Ecosystem Premium Digital Collectible
  • Alpha Alpaca Community, 
  • and Cash Flow Utilities. 

Aptos NFT – The Alpacas in aptos blockchain want to be known as one of the blockchain’s pioneers, and they want to share revenue with the “Pacas” while breaking away from the PFP meta that most NFTs are based on. The Alpacas community has over 10,000 Twitter followers and over 5000 Discord users, and the numbers are growing by the day in aptos blockchain.

Aptos Koalas Army

Aptos Koalas Army NFT collection
Aptos Koalas Army NFT collection

Aptos NFT Koalas – aptos blockchain are among the cutest animals to have in the collection. The Aptos Koalas Army is developing in terms of community and relationships ahead of the mint, which will take place on BlueMove, the official minting partner for the NFT collection.

aptos blockchain – Koalas Army is one of the aptos blockchain NFT collections you should aim to be whitelisted in, or try to get one on the secondary market after the minting is done, with over 5000 members on Discord and over 13000 followers on Twitter.

More Aptos NFT Projects to check out on Aptos

  • Aptos Chads
  • NFMS (dev from Matrix – Flow)
  • Aptos Alpha Alpacas
  • Bruh Bears
  • Aptos Drippy Dragons
  • Womxn of Aptos NFT
  • Aptos Ape Society
  • Aptos Bulls
  • Aptoast
  • Heroes of Aptos
  • Aptos Aliens

Aptos NFTs Marketplace 

When the mainnet is launched, the NFTs Marketplaces will be the focus of Aptos NFT projects. More attention is being focused on Topaz and soulffl3 because these projects often give users free Aptos NFT projects mints on aptos blockchain

Topaz is an NFT marketplace built on the strong Aptos blockchain that prioritizes security and scalability.

An NFT marketplace aptos blockchain is a digital platform where you may purchase and sell NFTs. These platforms enable users to store and show their NFTs, as well as sell them to others in exchange for bitcoin or money. Some NFT markets also allow users to mint their NFTs on the site itself.

Aptos blockchain – Topaz’s “perform tasks & receive NFT medals” campaign drew a fair amount of attention. As the Aptos ecosystem’s premier NFT marketplace, the project has incorporated Martian, enabling users to freely develop and sell NFTs in aptos blockchain.

ptos blockchain – Topaz has launched a two-week NFT medal campaign in which users may perform needed activities and earn medals. Over time, various creators became aware of Aptos’ NFT environment and began developing NFT products on the platform of aptos blockchain.


Souffl3 NFT Marketplace on Aptos
Souffl3 NFT Marketplace on Aptos

Souffl3, another Aptos-based NFT marketplace, offers a variety of NFT features, including on-chain NFT tracking. On the previous chain, the project was moved from Solana and had a good trade volume and user data. There are currently 12 NFT projects on aptos blockchain.

In comparison to other chains, Aptos makes it easier for developers to transition from RUST to Move, therefore a portion of the project has already been deployed, and users may mint and trade test NFTs via the faucet. One-click transactions and NFT monitoring are both excellent features of Souffl3 in aptos blockchain.

Souffl3 has also introduced NFT mint tracking and Launchpad features. Users may keep track of their own interested NFT futures, as well as planned mint, price limit mint, automated mint, and so on. Souffl3 – aptos blockchain provides an interface for authors to distribute works with a single click and without coding. 

Souffl3 counts and shows the total buy quantity, value, total spending value, and profit in Aptos Crypto of the account during a specified time period in the personal home page panel based on the user’s trade history of aptos blockchain.


Bluemove is the one of biggest NFT marketplace on Aptos for now
Bluemove is the one of biggest NFT marketplace on Aptos for now

BlueMove is an NFT Marketplace built on 2 Aptos blockchains, BlueMove’s goal is to become the leading NFT Marketplace on 2 Aptos blockchain networks. BlueMove is the aptos blockchain NFT marketplace on the two most recently mentioned layer 1 blockchains, Sui and Aptos Crypto. This is also the largest NFT marketplace platform on the two networks above, the platform is attracting the community through minting a limited aptos blockchain NFT testnet of very “hot” collections today.

Traders, collectors, and creators will have the opportunity to receive rewards using BlueMove: 

  • Get Rewards – Users who buy or sell any aptos blockchain NFT on BlueMove will earn MOVE tokens – Aptos Crypto. 
  • Platform Fee Sharing on aptos blockchain
  • Creators Paid Instantly – Creators on BlueMove will be paid royalties at time of sale in aptos blockchain.


Aptos, the next best thing to happen to the blockchain world, is already running smoothly on its testnet after the devnet ran with numerous testers.  Here are some hand-picked NFT projects from Team on Aptos NFT projects that you should look at and add to your library.

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