Top 5 best Wax Marketplaces you should use

Top 6 wax marketplaces

The NFT ecosystem has been thriving in recent years, with collections of many NFTs selling for millions of dollars each. As a result, the non-fungible token marketplaces are being built on a regular basis to keep things streamlined.

WAX blockchain has gathered the blockchain audience in the world with their wallet, proudly to be the top blockchain in the world when it comes to the number of daily active users. WAX can be considered as the blockchain that has the largest NFT ecosystem with currently more than 250 million NFT assets for more than 30,000 daaps at NFT projects. This results in an increasing number of customers using WAX marketplaces for trading or creating their own NFT.

As the new series of top NFT marketplaces, will provide you details about several WAX marketplaces that you may find interested in and explain why they are so appealing. Let’s get started!

What is WAX?

Top 5 marketplaces in Wax blockchain

The World Asset eXchange (WAX) is a blockchain protocol designed to facilitate e-commerce and trading of digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) easier, quicker, and more accessible. Basically, WAX is a blockchain which is built for NFTs, gaming, … This blockchain protocol is supporting a variety of decentralized apps (Dapps), marketplaces and of course, NFTs.

Block creation for the WAX blockchain protocol is handled by 21 block producers known as wax guilds, and the system employs delegated proof of stake as its consensus method. Wax utilizes this incentive scheme when it comes to staking rewards to encourage voting participation. To acquire a stake in the award, you must vote for it. 

The cool thing about this system is that it encourages guilds to operate genuinely and in a trustworthy way; if they fail to do a good job and act in the best interests of the network then they will probably lose votes and get unelected as a wax guild. 

As a highly programmable blockchain with a 0.5s block time and practically free transactions, it’s the ideal spot for NFT collectors to enjoy the WAX metaverse.

WAX is so critical and significant because it addresses non-fundable tokens, which, in my opinion, are the most disruptive aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The WAX blockchain is incredibly fast and essentially free, making it very affordable. If Bitcoin is a first generation blockchain and Ethereum is a second generation blockchain that fixes all the problems and speeds of the first generation blockchains, then WAX would be like a third generation fixing all the problems and speeds of Ethereum.

Main features of WAX blockchain

Price fluctuations are guarded

Assets contracts tied to WAX can be used to sell products on the platform. Price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable, therefore having asset contracts anchored to WAX gives some security for customers. 

Anti-phishing protection

With smart contracts, users may freely purchase and trade digital items instantaneously and securely without being afraid of scam or fraud. This can be considered as an advantage of this blockchain, raising users’ trust on all the platforms operating on WAX. 

High liquidity 

While the virtual objects are from various games on the platform, they may be traded for WAX tokens. This may result in the high liquidity of WAX tokens since there are thousands of transactions being made simultaneously on many marketplace platforms.

Massive market setup

Since it is built by OPSkins with over 2 million weekly transactions, it is quite a number for a nascent market like WAX. 

Top 5 WAX NFT Marketplaces

Based on productivity, the WAX marketplace is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces. Some of the most well-known NFT and cryptocurrency-based games, like Alien Worlds, Street Fighter, Bratz are available here.

Many users of the WAX blockchain use the same smart contract for the background marketplace. As a result, listing an NFT on one marketplace will automatically make it available on the others. This means that you may host a new marketplace and have shared liquidity, where your marketplace only receives a tiny fee based on the sale. This is great for users and for a new marketplace to enter the market and take over.

On WAX, you will find two different NFT standards, which are Atomicassets and Simpleassets:

Atomicassets is the biggest NFT standard. Atomicassets will have the collection owner responsible to pay for the RAM (Random Access Memory) to store the NFTs. One strong feature of atomicassets is that multiple marketplaces can use the same NFT liquidity thanks to the open atomicmarket smart contract.

Simpleassets is the first NFT standard on WAX, still being utilized by games and projects. Simpleassets will have you as a user to pay for the RAM. 

Atomic Hub

Atomic Hub market in wax blockchain
Atomic Hub market in wax blockchain

The largest and by far the most popular WAX marketplace is Atomic Hub. This NFT marketplace was launched in June 2020 and is in charge of developing the NFT standard known as atomic assets. On WAX, more than 305 million NFTs have been produced, and the volume of the 24-hour market is generally consistent.

The main objective of AtomicHub is to make NFT transactions simpler and more widely available. This guarantees accurate listings of authenticated goods, appealing discounts, a system of smart contracts to guarantee for each and every transaction, and most importantly, the authenticity of every product will be verified. Therefore, it’s a very user-friendly, efficient, and simple WAX marketplace. 

To learn more about which collection is now the most active or which one has the most sales on Atomic Hub, you can easily establish an account and browse the collections on this interesting WAX marketplace. Some of the projects supported by the Atomic Hub marketplace can be listed as: Alien Worlds, Funko, …

Advantages of Atomic Hub are

  • Easily facilitate the transaction between the artist and the customer: The Atomic Hub website is utilized as simply as possible for the artists and customers so that they can buy, trade or mint easily with just a few steps. 
  • Clear and comprehensible format about digital art piece’s: Atomic Hub provides every NFT details that you may need: name, price, ID, mint number or even price history, making it much more apparent for customers to use or consider to buy/trade/… on the engaging WAX marketplace.
  • Detailed sales records of digital art maintain transparency: Blockchain creates a brand-new, transparent method of conducting peer-to-peer transactions by enabling users to know who produced an NFT first, who possessed it previously, and where it has been subsequently. This is a big plus for this WAX marketplace as you can track your sales records on the Global sales history or in your own wallet. 
  • NFTs are completely checked to ensure that there is no plagiarism: Through delisting, account suspension, and the use of image recognition, this WAX NFT marketplace has started taking measures to stop the theft of works of art. Therefore, customers and artists do not have to be worried about this problem.

And some advantages of Atomic Hub are

  • Can be extremely harmful to the environment since the ERC-20 governance tokens on which the WAX tokens are built have significant energy requirements.
  • The transaction services, such as buying and selling NFTs, are only available to registered members, and users must be verified. As a result, the registration procedure is somehow complicated, yet the best way to protect the user’s account. 

Features on Atomic Hub are as included:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Various media formats
  • Big brand partners
  • Collection rankings
  • Creator royalties
  • Whitelisting/verification
  • 2% service fee


Marketplace NFTHive in Wax blockchain
Marketplace NFTHive in Wax blockchain

One of the first NFT marketplaces to launch on the WAX blockchain is this NFT Hive. Both Atomicassets and Simpleassets are supported by the NFThive marketplace.

You may view the best performers, the change in volume, and the sales of NFTs during the past 24 hours on the market tab. This makes us think of the Atomic Hub marketplace in some way.

There aren’t very many scammers on any of the WAX marketplaces, which is a fairly positive thing. There’s also a statistics page that examines the site’s overall amount of assets. Additionally, there is a frequently asked questions section connected with NFTHive marketplace on Twitter.

The bulk tool on NFTHive is its most significant feature. If you have a lot of NFTs in stock, you may bulk sell them or change your listings to include auto-filling fields. There are several other bulk tools available, such as transfer assets, that allow you to transfer numerous NFTs in a single transaction. 

Advantages of NFTHive:

  • Reviewing new games frequently and remaining updated: You can check the new updates using the “Latest Drops” feature, which can be seen easily on the homepage of this WAX marketplace website. If you are interested in any games or NFT arts, a one-click act may provide you with very detailed information.
  • Providing management options for your growing collection, rankings for completed sets, and curated collections: All these features are apparent on the left side of the homepage of NFTHive marketplace. This may help you build a better trading strategy in the future. 

Features on NFTHive as marketplace included:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Bulk tools
  • Collection royalties
  • Collection pages
  • Analytics
  • 2% service fee


Netfyblocks Marketplace
Netfyblocks Marketplace

With a ton of simple-to-use options for making NFT sales, packs, blends, and more, NeftyBlocks is an NFT creator’s heaven. An NFT artist may start their NFT collection to produce drops more easily thanks to this WAX marketplace. For your information, a drop is an on-demand sale that you may really put up without paying anything until someone purchases your NFT, at which point it is considered to have not yet been minted.

To participate in a drop, a collector must have something the artist specifies. For example, the artists can request purchasers to hold one or many NFTs with the main purpose being to remove bots from the equation. This move will certainly improve NeftyBlocks’ capability to serve its consumers and offer a more equal society for buyers and sellers to make transactions on this captivating WAX marketplace.

You may access all of NeftyBlocks’ resources, so there’s no need for you to create your own website or smart contract. You don’t even need to know how to code to sell NFTs on your website either. 

One significant difference exists among WAX marketplaces is that both the buyer and the seller will receive some $NEFTY tokens if they make a purchase on the NeftyBlocks marketplace.

Features on NeftyBlocks marketplace as included:

  • Various listing options
  • Minting tools
  • Collection pages
  • Trading competition (NeftyQuest)
  • Native $NEFTY token incl. staking
  • 2% service fee

Chain Champs

Chain champs marketplace
Chain champs marketplace

Chain Champs is a rapidly NFT marketplace operating on WAX that prioritizes providing customers with instant access to all NFT listings that are currently available in real-time on the blockchains.

NFT creation tools may be used by artists to build generative PFP creations on Chain Champs marketplace. The tools let artists who have never used NFT or code to create entirely focus on their artwork while Chain Champs takes care of the generating, hosting, and minting.

Customers that use Chain Champs benefit from unmatched efficiency and average purchase discounts of 10% to 15%. Price algorithms created using AI and neural networks provide sellers with unequaled pricing information.

Search for the best NFT discounts is a highly intriguing feature on Chain Champs. This enables you to locate the best offer regardless of the website you are visiting, such as Atomic Hub, NeftyBlocks, or NFTHive.

If you’re just seeking to buy some inexpensive nfts, the offers tab can be just what you’re searching for since when you click on it, it displays the lowest price for some of these nfts and automatically chooses the extremely high liquidity.

Recently, Chain Champs has been chosen as the winner of best NFT Marketplace on WAX Blockchain of Mid ’22 by users across all the WAX marketplace platforms. This can be seen as a good sign for the future of this marketplace, as it is gradually gaining trust from users.

One of Advantages of Chain Champs

Chain Champ users can use the features and set rules by using the “Auto-buy” feature to make sure they only buy the things they want. This can be seen as an advantage of the new marketplace as they can view any rules they have already created as well as add new rules for the NFT purchases. The rules could include the NFT’s rarity, or the amount of WAX the buyer is willing to spend on it. 

vIRL Market

vIRL marketplace in wax blockchain
vIRL marketplace in Wax blockchain

The official WAX Studios NFT marketplace, known as vIRL Market, is a brand-new home for players and collectors to purchase, sell, and exchange utility based NFTs and vIRLs (Virtual in Real Life Items).

It’s interesting that vIRL NFTs allow you to own tangible things without having to worry about delivery. This implies that if you’d prefer not to receive the physical item, there will be no further packaging, shipping, or delivery.

WAX uses V-commerce capabilities, which connect a vIRL NFT to an actual object so you may transfer ownership without having to physically send anything.

Through the vIRL market which is meant for physically backed NFTs, you may exchange your vIRL NFT with anyone across the globe. Until a particular instruction to redeem it is given to the virtual network by you or the current owner, your physical object remains stationary. It is noticeable that every vIRL NFT is minted on the environmentally conscious WAX Blockchain, which is carbon neutral and energy efficient.

The vIRL NFT changes when the physical object is redeemed. Sometimes it is composted, in which case it is no longer tradable. In other cases, it contains a special tag that indicates it has been redeemed but is still tradeable.

Additionally, vIRL Market supports players in the purchase, sale, and trade of digital products from popular P2E games throughout the WAX network, including Blockchain Brawlers, Alien Worlds, Millions on Mars, Splinterlands, and others.


The WAX Blockchain provides a quick and easy way to generate, trade, and display NFTs. You also have the ideal chain for blockchain gaming because there are no transaction fees and a very instantaneous block time (0.5s). This explains why the number of play-to-earn games on WAX is rising. 

It is certain that the introduction of different blockchain technologies would significantly speed up the exchange of assets in the online gaming sector. Services like WAX marketplace have the ability to fundamentally upset the balance and transform how virtual game trade is done today. 

We have just suggested to you the top 5 best WAX marketplaces that you should try out. Each WAX marketplace has its own distinctive characteristics: you can do bulk activities with NFTHive , manage a collection with NeftyBlocks, or use Atomic Hub marketplace in a very quick and easy way. Hopefully, this writing from the DarePlay team may help you find your suitable NFT marketplace on WAX.

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