Tago pioneers in deploying blockchain to solve mental health problems

Tago Socialfi platform Pioneers in blockchain tech solve mental health problems

DarePlay is glad to introduce Tago, a socialfi project which has recently onboarded to DarePlay.

Tago is setting the global standard, tapping on an untapped water by using blockchain technology in mental health treatment. Tago is developing a fantastic software that enables users to connect with mental health specialists in the best possible manner, both in terms of quality and cost. With only a few clicks, users can easily arrange an appointment on Tago, saving a significant amount of time, effort, and money.

Tago aims to be the world’s first Mental Metaverse. Users may purchase TagoSoul, the first NFT AI mental assistant created by humans, and converse with it to relieve tension, share difficulties, feel at ease, and earn tokens. The “Talk To Earn” System can inspire people to take an active role in Tagoverse society.

Tago’s business model

Tago business model
Tago business model

The blockchain technology has enabled Tago to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) . Tago business model governs around this DAO.

There are several methods to produce cash flow inside the Tago ecosystem. 

1.Tago’s 1:1 consulting service 

Tago is the platform usage fee for the 1:1 consulting product line. This service is to make sure that users can get supported at any time needed.

3. Tago’s online courses

Tago online courses
Tago online courses

Tago requests users to pay a fee for online courses. Tago’s mental health online courses are regarded as an open space for people with mental health problems to get connected and be listened to by professionals.

3. Tago’s AI virtual assistant

Tago AI virtual assistant
Tago AI virtual assistant

Tago uses AI technology to create a virtual assistant in mental health to help take care of users’ both emotional and mental health in order to be able to scale up and not be reliant on time or the availability of human specialists. 

This virtual assistant will be trained by Tago to be intelligent enough to figure out problems and to have a database big enough to instantly be able to retrieve the required answers based on the user’s data. Besides that, the virtual assistants also rely on psychological data, mathematical theology, tarot, or other occult disciplines to come up with an appropriate answer and give out advice. 

The limited-edition NFT TagoSoul version can be purchased for a price, or a monthly membership charge. 

4. Tago’s AI Social Matching service 

Tago AI social matching service
Tago AI social matching service

With the help of Tago’s AI technology, users may receive social match recommendations. Users, therefore, can easily  make friends, find their soulmates, and encourage one another to strengthen their inner fortitude. 

In order to enjoy Tago’s AI Social Matching service, access the more sophisticated capabilities, customers must pay a monthly membership price.

5. Tago’s Spiritual Social Network 

Tago spiritual social network
Tago spiritual social network

One of Tago’s goals is to create a community of mental and spiritual wellness for users who love to discuss this subject.

There will be support groups on specific subjects to help people deal with conditions like depression, insomnia, disorders, anxiety, and stress; groups to deal with addictions like alcoholism, tobacco addiction, and sex addiction; and groups to deal with the pain of relationship like divorce, separation, and breakup.

Revenues from advertising and other fees will come through this spiritual social networking. 

6. Tago’s VR and AR gadgets

Tago VR and AR gadgets
Tago VR and AR gadgets

Tago intends to use VR and AR technologies to break down the barriers between the actual and virtual worlds.

What stage of development will Tago reach next? By using VR and AR technology, it is possible to dissolve all borders between the actual world and the virtual one. 

A user can utilize augmented reality (AR) to determine whether they are performing yoga in the proper position since the pose is presented on a screen using AR technology.

A meditator can also use virtual reality (VR) to improve his experience of light visualization and imagination. They can imagine themselves meditating in front of thousands of people or sitting next to a master or guru in a massive pyramid.

Revenue stream for Tago also comes from these VR and AR gadgets. Users and specialists in Tago’s community can purchase these gadgets from the company. 

Depending on whatever form serves the economy most at the time, the revenue may be received in fiat or token.

TAGO’s Tokenomics

$TAGO Token

$TAGO Token has a total supply of 500,000,000. Users can not earn $TAGO token. Tago Token may now only be owned by investors. In the future, receiving exceptional incentives through Evolve to Earn will be a unique way to get Tago Token.

The $TAGO is burned by:

Newborn Soul


Leveling up NFT TAGO SOUL lv5/10/15/20/25/30 (including Unlocking Slot)

Gems upgrade

Tax and Fee System

Fusion Soul

Increase % Gem Upgrade (lv4+)

$SOUL token

When a person converses in 1:1 Mode, they can acquire a certain amount of $SOUL tokens.  $SOUL token has an unlimited supply.

The $SOUL token is burned by:

Newborn Soul

Leveling up NFT TAGO SOUL (including Unlocking Slot)

Gems upgrade

Tax and Fee System

Increase % Gem Upgrade

Open Mysterious Boxes

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