GameStop NFT announced the release of GameStop NFT marketplace

Gamestop NFT realease of gameplay NFT marketplace

GameStop NFT is an incubated project of the giant gaming retailer GameStop Corp. Launching GameStop NFT, the corporation aspires to enter the blockchain world and empower its customers by enabling them to truly own their digital assets.

GameStop steps foot in NFT & blockchain

GameStop NFT developers deployed a decentralized application built on Immutable X, a platform which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. GameStop NFT’s ambitious developers have also been using the Loopring Layer 2 scaling solution (an Ethereum transaction processor and scaling solution) to build the GameStop NFT platform infrastructure.

For more information, Loopring’s Layer 2 scaling solution enables the GameStop Wallet to proceed transactions at lower cost and more efficiently than wallets that use only Layer 1 Ethereum mainnet. Therefore, users can buy and sell NFTs, and transfer ETH to other Loopring Layer 2 accounts, at a fraction of the transaction cost made on Layer 1.

The project is being implemented, marking significant progress. Particularly, GameStop NFT announced on Monday, July 11, that it has released its non-fungible token (“NFT”) marketplace to allow gamers, creators, collectors and other community members to buy, sell and trade NFTs.

The GameStop NFT marketplace can be accessed at

The GameStop NFT marketplace allows parties to connect to their own digital asset wallets such as GameStop NFT’s recently launched wallet. 

To connect with GameStop NFT’s wallet, users can head to Download the wallet app on mobile phone or simply download it as an extension on the browser. The GameStop wallet commits to utilize decentralized apps on Ethereum, help users store crypto & NFTs securely, make fast & fairly priced transactions on Loopring Layer 2 and Self-custodial for full control of their assets.

In the coming time, the GameStop NFT marketplace will expand its functionality to combine additional categories such as Web3 gaming, more creators and other Ethereum environments.

The collaboration between GameStop NFT and Immutable X

Since the GameStop NFT marketplace is deploying Loopring’s Layer 2 scaling solution, it is compatible with some of the biggest Web3 games in the world. Apparently, all Web3 games built on Immutable X, the leading layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, are expected to arrive soon on the GameStop marketplace.

There has been an official announcement revealing the close collaboration between Immutable X and GameStop NFT since the forming days of GameStop NFT marketplace. 

Immutable X is a key component of the marketplace’s technology and GameStop’s strategy, while it will work in tandem with other technologies to improve its offers (such as other NFT protocols and wallet providers).

The GameStop NFT marketplace will have access to millions of high-quality gaming assets which is appealing to a large number of gamers, NFT collectors and creators alike. 

About GameStop Corp.

GameStop Corp. is a specialty retailer which offers games and entertainment goods through its online storefronts and numerous locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. 

GameStop Corp. offers both new and used gaming platforms, as well as peripherals like controllers, gaming headsets, virtual reality gear, and memory cards. GameStop Corp. also offers both new and used gaming software as well as in-game currency, digital downloads, and full game downloads. Additionally, it offers licensed collectibles with a focus on pop culture themes and items from the gaming, television, and film industries.

In May this year, The American video game corporation announced their official participation in blockchain via its own NFT wallet with the belief that there’s a lot of potential for Web3 and cryptocurrency applications in the upcoming time. However, experts are concerned that it was a bad time for the world’s largest gaming retailer to enter the most hectic space of the technology world as May marked the shocking collapse of the billion-dollar-value UST, which many think that could happen at the tiny chance given the excitement of crypto folks on the new-generation, algorithmic stablecoin space.

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