DarePlay to introduce The Next World, the e-sport Call-Of-Duty game

Dareplay introduce The Next World first NFT e-sport Call of duty inspired game

DarePlay to introduce The Next World, the world’s first NFT & blockchain-based e-sport Call-Of-Duty-inspired game

The Next World is the world’s first NFT & blockchain-based e-sport standard gamefi inspired by the legendary game – Call Of Duty. The Next World offers both Free-to-play and shoot-and-Earn experience to its players. The game itself is a revolutionary battle royale shooter game which has huge potential to attract users and gain traction in the market.

The Next World can also be considered as a MMO RPG Multiple Perspective NFT game where players play the role of Avatar soldiers to combat against the dark forces. 

The Next World’s gameplay

The Next World is developed by using the Unreal Engine (The Most Powerful Real-Time 3D Creation), a comprehensive set of tools for anybody working with real-time technology. It gives creators in a variety of sectors the freedom and power they need to create cutting-edge entertainment, captivating visualizations, and immersive virtual environments.

In The Next World, players enjoy the flexibility brought in from its multiple perspectives gameplay of both 1st person game and 3rd person game. Players can benefit a lot in eyesight and viewpoints.

As a 1st person game, The Next World allows its players to look through the soldier avatars’ eyes, so that they can feel as if they are actually inside the world of the game and completely get immersed while playing.

As a 3rd-person game, The Next World enables its players to follow behind the soldier Avatars. Players, therefore, could see more of what’s around them in the epic battles of The Next World, and better pinpoint their shooting position to an advantage.

The Next World gameplay
The Next World gameplay

All in all, these abovementioned experiences would propel players to play again and again to relive their in-game great moment.

The Next World is set in several expansive map sites such as wild country ridge, desolated city and many more. Players often commence different adventures with different combat zones to enhance their gaming experiences. 

The map selection algorithm is completely random. With a variety of map sites, players are assured of being stimulated with new scenery. 

There are 6 game modes in The Next World. 

Mini game mode

While playing The Next World, players can join the mini game called “Treasure Heist” . In the NFT game, by completing tasks using avatar soldier NFTs given to users, gamers can collect the native game token – TNC tokens & and extra special rewards. Participants will have a basic grasp of how the main game of TNW operates. Additionally, Treasure Heist serves as a thorough training ground for players to gather precious resources to be ready for the future game mode.

Battle royale combat zone

Playing the battle Royale combat zone mode in The Next World, Parachute and land in the virtual map and battle should be the last one remaining. Players have to team up with friends or other players to outlast other teams on a shrinking map. As the ring gets smaller, you will be forced into more encounters with the remaining, so make sure you have the right loadout to knock your opponents into the next reality!

Guild War

The shooting adventures of The Next World also featured in Guild War. In Guild War, players compete against each other once a week for our weekly event in a 60-players match(30v30). 

World Class Tournament

Creating the world’s first Shoot-To-Earn battleground featuring grand prize payouts for battle royale tournaments. Team The Next World brings together gamers from all around the world, forming the world’s strongest community of shooter fans.

Battle Pass

The Next World adventure features a Battle Pass mode. To participate, players need to acquire the Battle Pass to enter this mode. Validity of the Battle Pass is one(1) month.


Leaderboards will be available for High-Tier Ranked players. The leaderboard ranking will be refreshed weekly and there will be rewards available. Monthly consecutive winners are entitled to extra rewards. 

The Next World – Tokenomics

$TNG is the governance token for the metaverse and core of the The Next World ecosystem. TNG is a functional utility token as the medium of exchange between participants on The Next World in a decentralized manner. A transaction token and a yield aggregator to generate extra rewards.

$TNG token will be a strict utility token with in-game, staking for stability and reward, elements of yield farming, governance voting and as a medium of exchange between participants.

$TNC can earn through:

Note: The amount of $TNC gained during each combat is determined by the trophy class. The rewards can be affected by the tier of the weapon.

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