Minting & upgrading of Cronos NFT collection CroWitches are coming

Dareplay introduce crowitches Cronos based NFT collection

If you have followed our site consistently, you have noticed that we have put the Cronos chain under our radar and constantly updated news on this emerging chain. In today’s article, we would like to introduce CroWitches, an NFT collection soon to be launched on Cronos chain. Let’s take time and dive in with us & figure out what CroWitches NFT collection is all about and how potential it is. 

What Is CroWitches?

CroWitches is an upgradable collection which includes 3,333 high utility unique NFTs. The CroWitches collection is currently powered by Cronos Chain and will be only available there. 

For your information, Cronos is a chain that exists at the intersection of Ethereum and Cosmos. In other words, Cronos chain is an  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a virtual component that is contained in every Ethereum node and is able to execute bytecode for contracts chain built on the Cosmos SDK. This chain enjoys the benefit of both Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.

CroWitches minting event is going to take place on Thursday, this week (21st July 2022). 

To celebrate the minting event, the CroWitches NFT creators have already activated a whitelist giveaway event, giving out whitelist slots to participants who have successfully accomplished all required tasks.

A CroWitches NFT owner is assured of a long-term benefit from their purchased NFT. It is said that 15% of every CroWitches NFT mint will be transferred back to NFT holders. Besides that, 7% of secondary market royalties will also be automatically distributed to all CroWitches NFT holders. The secondary marketplace available for trading CroWitches NFT is

Especially, a CroWitches NFT owner can take benefit from farming their NFTs & get $CROSPELL Token as the interest.

When a CroWitches NFT owner upgrades their CroWitches NFT, they will earn more  $CROSPELL from staking than others who have not upgraded their CroWitches NFT.

$CROSPELL is the native token which is involved in any CroWitches NFT transaction. $CROSPELL is a token on the Cronos Network. This token will be paired with CRO on MM.Finance DEX, which has the largest ecosystem on Cronos network. 

$CROSPELL Tokenomics.

  • Network: Cronos
  • Name: CROSPELL Token
  • Symbol: SPELL
  • Decimals: 9
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Buy/Sell 10%
  • Reflections 3% Marketing: 3% Liquidity :4% 

There will be a 10% tax for any buying or selling transaction. of 10% tax, 3% will go back to holders , 3% to Marketing & 4% to liquidity. 

How To Upgradable Crowitches NFT Collection?

Firstly, minters will mint a crowitch NFT and then they will be able to level it up. Just click the upgrade button on the dashboard on the collection site and get a new CroWitches NFT. They get to keep the original NFT but get a second generation NFT which will be totally different from the original one they minted.

The Crowitches NFT Collection creators plan to make Crowitches a collection of 10 different Witches NFT with different traits, looks, and art. This means  for each Crowitch NFT, you can upgrade to a maximum of 10 times. 

The Crowitches NFT creator team consists of 2 Devs & 1 Artists. A small part of the work has been done by outsourcing. The dev team is based in Oklahoma and they willl soon move to Boomers. The team has been working together for over 6 years. The artist is married to one of the Devs and the team is fully vested in the project.

At the moment,  the Crowitches team has already finished designing 5 base images. Therefore, in the coming NFT minting event, a person can buy up to 5 CroWitch NFTs and upgrade to gain staking benefits.

On the collection official website, minters will have access to a dashboard. On this dashboard they can level up their Crowitch nft. 

Each leveling up transaction will cost users about 30 CRO and Minters will have to use Crowitches Native token dubbed $crospell to level up their NFTs. To a minter who is a whitelist winner, the cost for an upgrading transaction will be 50CRO less as compared to others. 

Notably, minters will have the option to sell their Crospell token by leveling down the Crowitch NFT if they want to.

To get more details about this project you can read our whitepaper:

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